Issue 93 Sectoral News
January 22, 2021
Myanmar Buys Air Defence System and UAV From Russia
January 22, 2021
New Personnel Carrier in Nigerian Inventory

In the inventory of the Nigerian Armed Forces, it was determined that there were Isotrex Phantom II armoured personnel carriers.

With the photographing of eight Phantom II prepared for Operation Tura Takaibango in Yobe State, Nigeria was found to have taken the platforms into its inventory. It is not known when or how many vehicles were ordered. One of the Phantom II’s was destroyed during the conflict.

On its website Isotrex published a photo of seven Phantom II vehicles at its factory in the same colour as those seen in Nigeria, and also with the same roof turrets as those observed in Nigeria.

Isotrex`s Phantom 2 is a new version of the 4×4 B6 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC).

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