Wheeled Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun Enters Mass Production
June 30, 2020
New Apache Order
July 2, 2020
Indigenous MANPADS Sungur Announed

The Turkish defence industry continues its activities with firm steps, despite the adverse conditions brought by the outbreak.

Turkish state defence agency announced that the live-fire trials of the Sungur air defence missile were successfully completed with images shared from official social media accounts. In a post, SSB used “A surprise force to increase the capabilities of our security forces! #SUNGUR, a new member of our air defence family developed by Roketsan together with the domestic defence industry stakeholders, is ready to enter the inventory after successful launch tests! It can be integrated into land, air and sea platforms. #SUNGUR has a launch capability during day and night and has target detection, diagnosis, identification, tracking and 360-degree launch ability. A system has advanced features from ist class with its counter-countermeasure feature, titanium warhead, the sight that allows the target to be viewed from a long-range. ” explanation.

Developed with local facilities, Sungur will be one of the most inherent elements of the layered air defence concept shaped in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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