August 9, 2017
Russian Breeze on 5th Generation
August 11, 2017
Hürjet Movement from TAI

Temel Kotil, Chief Executive Officer of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI / TAI), announced that they are working on a jet engine training aircraft named Hürjet. Kotil said that company started to work on the jet engine version of Hürkuş turboprop engine turbine aircraft produced for Turkish Armed Forces. Kotil stated that jet trainer which current class using in air forces are being worked on an , and that the existing Hürkuş design team is directed to this project with the own resources of TAI.

Reminding that the avionics of Hürkuş were developed locally, Kotil stated that these gains would also be an advantage in the design of the jet version of Hürkuş. Temel Kotil, who reminded that the basic trainer aircraft Hürkuş will start to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces from June 2018, said: “We continue to produce aircraft and we must continue. We want to grow 25 percent every year. We need to do something extraordinary to ensure this. “

Kotil, didn't give answer to C4Defence questions about the design of the aircraft in the preliminary design phase stating that the detailed information. Kotil stated that there is no demand from the Air Force for this issue. According to the information given by C4Defence, while the names of Hürkuş and Hürjet cause the same aircraft to be understood as jet and turboprop engine versions, a new aircraft design may come into being because dual engines are preferred in jet engine training aircraft .

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