PGZ and BAE Systems Sign Memorandum of Agreement
December 7, 2022
ALTINAY and Yıldız Technical University Signed KOOP Protocol
December 7, 2022
Green Champion 2022 Award Goes to Turkish Aerospace 

Turkish Aerospace, which has won many national and international awards with its projects in the aviation sector, won the “Green Champion 2022” award at the ceremony where environmental projects were awarded by The Green Organization.

Turkish Aerospace Industries, which was deemed worthy of an award with its ‘’Water Efficiency in the Aviation Sector’’ project at the ceremony held at the UK Westminster Hall on 21st November 2022, was appreciated for its work that provides improvement in optimizing water consumption and in its automation. With this project, it is aimed to contribute to global sustainable development goals by preventing water loss and leakage, efficient use of water needed in cooling systems at the source, and reducing waste-water generation by real-time measurement, automation, monitoring and analysis.

In the project, which consists of two phases, it is aimed to instantly monitor and control the water distribution network serving a closed area of approximately 380.000 m² and to detect early leakages in the water distribution network. With early detection, 40.000 m³ of water wastage, which constitutes approximately 3% of annual water consumption, has been prevented.Sharing his views on the “Green Apple Champion 2022” award, Turkish Aerospace General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil made the following statements in his statement: ‘’ We continue to carry out exemplary works for sustainable environmental management that are appreciated by the world public. As the first industrial company to have a zero-waste certificate, we were deemed worthy of another prestigious international award with an exemplary work to prevent water waste, which is one of the leading sources of limited resources in the world. Within the scope of the project, we aim to contribute to the protection of natural resources by optimizing water consumption with some digital applications and improving its automation. We will ensure efficient and sustainable management of water resources with holistic approaches through practices that reduce waste-water generation. I congratulate my colleagues who contributed to the award of our company with the “Water Efficiency in the Aviation Sector” project they developed.’’

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