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July 14, 2022
General Gourlay: The Source of Restlessness in Cyprus is the ENOSIS Tricks
July 20, 2022
Greek Strike on Sale of F-16 Fighter Planes to Turkey

The bill, which was presented by the Democratic Party representatives Chris Pappas and Frank Pallone in the United States, restricting and conditional on the sale of new generation F-16 fighter jets and F-16 modernization kits to Turkey was accepted by the US House of Representatives with 244 votes against 179 “No” votes.

In the voting, 60 representatives from the Republican Party also supported the bill.

In this draft bill, members of Congress demand assurances from US President Joe Biden that the planned F-16 warplanes will not be used in Greek airspace and that this sale will be in line with US interests.

Chris Pappas is of Greek descent.

Frank Pallone is known for his closeness to the Greek lobby.

The bill must be approved by Congress to become law.

US President Joe Biden has the right to veto the bill.

Turkey submitted its request to the USA in the autumn of last year for the purchase of 40 F-16 Block 70 and 80 modernization kits.

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