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September 21, 2018
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September 23, 2018
Greece Developed TELEMACHOS Surveillance Radar

The first Greek design, development and construction of the TELEMACHOS surveillance radar will be presented publicly by the Hellenic Aviation Industry (DAB) on Saturday and Sunday at the Tanagra International Air Show 2018.

The TELEMACHOS surveillance radar is a 100% Greek product developed by Greek scientists and consists of a radar, a day / night electro-optical sensor (thermal camera), the tripod on which the radar and the electro-optical system and a portable control station with a liquid crystal display.

The development of the system began in 2016 and soon the company will complete the latest certification tests so that the radar is ready to be placed on the international market. This is the first new product that DAB has been developing for 15 years and this marks a new era for the Greek company.

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