US Imposes Military Sanctions On China
September 22, 2018
Russia’s Uran-9 to be upgraded
September 24, 2018
China To US: ‘No Right’ To Meddle In Ties With Russia

China has slammed Washington’s move to impose sanctions on Beijing over its decision to purchase Russian missile systems and fighter jets, saying the US has “no right to interfere” in relations between two sovereign countries.

“The US approach is a blatant violation of the basic norms of international relations, a full manifestation of hegemony, and a serious breach of the relations between the two countries and their two militaries,” said Wu in a notice posted on the ministry’s official Wechat account.

The US State Department imposed the sanctions on Thursday against China’s Equipment Development Department (EED) for engaging in “significant transactions” with Russia’s major weapons exporter, Rosoboronexport.

According to the US State Department, the sanctions on Beijing are linked to its decision to purchase 10 Russian SU-35 fighter jets in 2017 as well as S-400 surface-to-air missile system-related equipment in 2018.

The US also called India  and Turkey to reconsider plans to purchase advanced missiles from Russia. US has halted the delivery of its F-35 fighter jets to its long-time NATO partner and ally.


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