Qatar Wants to Install Italian Amphibibi Vehicle in LPD
October 16, 2020
Ukraine and Turkey to cooperate in the military sector
October 18, 2020
Germany, France to Spend €200M on New Tanks

€200m will be spent on funds for the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS), developed in partnership with Germany and France. The German-led programme has a 50% share of both countries financially.

Berlin and Paris reached an agreement in 2012 to design and develop MGCS to replace the tanks in their inventory. 

Following the transfer of €200m to the funds, Nexter, KMW and Rheinmetall will begin work for MGCS. The first prototype is to be revealed by 2028 and the first systems will be delivered in 2035.

The new systems will replace Leopard-2 and Leclerc.

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