SSM’s ‘Sarsılmaz’ Decision
February 17, 2017
Future Submarine Will Be Built
February 19, 2017
Front against Iran: BEWARE!..

In order to keep under check Iran’s seemingly Shi’ite “expansionist identity based on Persian nationalism”, Trump has to knock on the door of Israel, rather than Turkey. It is of utmost importance that those responsible for the rise and spread of a problem would sign up for finding a solution… 

The Iran-Iraq War between 1980 and1988 is one of the bloodiest tragedies witnessed in Muslim geography. Taking a closer look, it can be stated that the conflict paved the way for what we have been going through today. History of this war falls beyond the scope of this article; in short, it is a war, which blacklisted its political actors and caused the death of many Muslim civilians and soldiers. Young people may not remember its details. But, it happened at a time when we were young. Thus we have personally witnessed what was going on at the time. We watched how Iranian Turks of Azeri origin among Iranian prisoners of war were treated relatively well, if the Iraqi commander of the prison camp was a Turcoman –and, vice versa.

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