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April 17, 2017
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April 19, 2017
Following the Code, Now is Time for the Robot

Although many spectators got carried away with the thrill in “Da Vinci’s Code”, more stressful moments may await us in real life. 

Certainly, all of us would like to live a healthy life. However, the life itself is full of surprises. Imagine that one day, you have to undergo a surgery. The nurse visits you in the morning and injects a tranquillizer. Placed on a gurney, you are heading towards the operating theatre. The door is open and you are taken inside. You are surrounded by people with surgery bonnets on their heads and masks on their faces. But, stop for a minute… Rewind the film… Was the surgeon to perform the operation also there with the nurses in the morning? 
Did he tell you something like “Everything will be fine, there is nothing to worry about. Normally, the operation takes three hours, and then you are taken to the intensive care unit.”? Today, perhaps yes; but in the future, most probably not. In fact, this meeting may be considered weird in some respects. Because, perhaps, your surgeon will be in a faraway corner of the world. You may be welcoming the sun, while it is still night-time for him.
Now, let us return to the operating theatre… Among those people wearing bonnets are some nurses, one anaesthesiologist, a few surgeons and perhaps, some students. However, nobody is the responsible person for the operation. You cannot see from where you are resting but, there is something behind these people surrounding and talking about you. But no; they are not hiding it from you. It is not small enough to be hidden anyway and some of its parts are located right next to the spots, under which you are placed. 
Let us introduce you the robot called “Da Vinci”. 

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