1L220UK to Detect Artillery
June 26, 2018
Japan Moves to Truck Mounted Howitzer
June 28, 2018
FNSS Ready for Next 20 Years

During SAVTEK 2018 9. Defence Technologies Congress, a panel named “Next 20 Years of Defence Industries”. Speaking on behalf of the FNSS, Haldun Olgun, shared his predictions about next 20 years of land vehicles. Mentioning the historical development of land vehicles; said that hybrid and electric vehicle conversion could reverse this situation, while highlighting the quest for high ballistic protection in the design of vehicles. In the next generation systems, where the military expects to travel comfortably and to enter the battlefield dynamically, design parameters such as the volume required for advanced single-equipment installations and autonomous / semi-autonomous devices will be on the agenda. Indicating that MilDesign competitions have gained significant futuristic designs, Olgun completed the presentation by emphasizing that 20 years in the defence technologies are almost “tomorrow” and they are following these trends to prepare for tomorrow.

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