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Flokser in Europe

Flokser Chemical continues to attract attention in the world with its products and technologies. Flokser Chemical became the raw material supplier of sole technologies with antifungal and antibacterial properties in the tender opened for the needs of millions of soldiers in Europe such as boots, boots, sandals and slippers.

Ekin TÜKEK, General Manager of Flokser Chemical, said: “As Flokser Chemical, we have always tried to develop more environmentally friendly, healthier, more comfortable and safer raw materials and have become an exemplary producer of the industry. I would like to thank all my teammates who contributed to our position to supply raw materials to European armies in our 20-year adventure. Today, we have become an important supplier of shoe and slipper systems for European armies. While our products meet the SATRA TM 144 anti-slip standard specified in the standards and technical specifications required by the European armies, they also have antimicrobial and antifungal properties for military applications. With the formula we have developed, we produce polymer systems of high standards in accordance with international military specifications. Our products, which are specially produced for military use performance criteria, will support their users to take comfortable, safe and healthy steps.”

With its durable and safe Creanate 66-A / Creapol NT-801-B / Creacat NT-500-C products that comply with European standards, Flokser Chemical is planned to contribute to the safe advancement of millions of soldiers in the field. Flokser Chemical polymer systems, which will be used especially in crowded areas such as the military, offer significant advantages in the foot health and safety of the user.

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