British F-35Bs arrived UK
June 7, 2018
Russia’s T-80BVM ‘Jet Tanks’ Get “Arctic” Upgrades
June 9, 2018
Fırtına II Ahead Full

The prototype tests of the next-generation Fırtına howitzer are continuing. According to the news published in the ASELSAN Magazine, the first stage qualification tests have been completed. With the new generation of electronics developed by ASELSAN, the efficiency and accuracy of the system has been increased. In the turret systems of the howitzer, the dependence on the foreign countries has come to an end. The qualification tests of the new generation Fırtına have been completed in Kars in winter.

While the turret and barrel orientation system for the new generation Fırtına systems is fully electric and servo controlled, many of the equipment has been improved to meet the requirements of today's battle conditions. When a gun control unit is added to increase accuracy, the loading is became fully automatic to increase the rate of fire. The Sarp remote controlled weapon system was integrated into the system for threats that the platform may encounter in close range.

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