Panther Modernization is Close
June 8, 2018
All US B-1B Bombers Grounded After ejection seat failure
June 10, 2018
Russia’s T-80BVM ‘Jet Tanks’ Get “Arctic” Upgrades

The Russian Defence Ministry announced that new T-80BVM tanks are now being transported to Arctic military units. A source speaking to Izvestiya newspaper said that the 80th Motor Rifle Brigade will be completely stocked with the new machines, followed by the 200th Brigade.

The T-80 in their newest BVM modification is equipped with upgraded gas-turbine engines that can start at temperatures as low as —40 degrees Celsius and be ready for action in only minutes. These gas-turbine engines make a specific sound, similar to a jet plane, which earned them their nickname: jet tanks. Tanks with conventional diesel engines need some 40 minutes to warm up in such conditions. According to Russian media, there are some 3,000 tanks in Russian Defence Ministry storage that have not been upgraded yet. Overall, some 10,000 T-80s have been produced since 1970's.

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