Russia’s Upgraded Tu-160M Strategic Bomber Performs First Flight
February 2, 2020
First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight
February 4, 2020
Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey

Turkey continues studies on many different types of unmanned aerial vehicle projects and put a new one into inventory.

Presidency of Defence Industries announced that the Songar armed drone system was delivered to the security forces. Instution announced the delivery with “Songar armed drone systems developed as part of our Armed Mini / Micro UAV Project were delivered to our security forces.” expression from the official social media accounts.

Developed to be used in all ambient conditions; day and night, Songar can fly in a 10 km radius. Equipped with a 5.56×45 mm machine gun, the system can carry 200 ammunition. Thanks to its automatic gun stabilization system and barrel camera UAV can make highly accurate shots on target. Songar's full loaded weight is 25 kilograms.

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