ROK To Acquire 64 Patriot PAC-3 MSE Missiles
September 16, 2018
Tu-160s crossed the North Pole
September 18, 2018
First Romeo Commisioned

Saudi Arabia continues to strengthen its navy. Riyadh, which previously signed an agreement with Madrid to develop warships, recently commissioned the first MH-60R navy helicopter.

The MH-60R helicopters, which can operate under any conditions, are the backbone of the US Navy's ship-borne helicopter force. Helicopter can operate from different platforms such as frigates, destroyers, cruiesers. It has anti-submarine warfare cabability and anti surface warfare capability. The tail and main rotors can be folded to provide easy storage in limited storage areas. Platform is also equipped with radar, FLIR, AGM-114 Hellfire, Mk 46 and Mk 54.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia requested 10 MH-60R helicopters from the US. The total cost of helicopters supplied under the FMS is estimated at US $ 1.9 billion.

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