Spain to Join on European Patrol Corvette Program
February 9, 2020
FNSS AACE for the Philippine Combat Engineers
February 11, 2020
First Modernised Leopard Tanks for Denmark

Due to Increasing Russian activities in the region and requirement of compatibility with modern battlefield conditions, the Baltic countries continue to modernise their armed forces. In this context, Germany delivered the first batch of modernised Leopard 2 tanks to the end-user.

The Royal Danish Army completed the acceptance process of the first batch of Leopard 2A7 tanks. Copenhagen inked an agreement with Germany for upgrading Leopard 2A5 tanks to the A7 level, which offers higher survivability and firepover and started to take delivery. The platforms, which modernisation process carried out in the contractor country, are expected to provide a significant increase in the firepower of the Royal Danish Army. At the ceremony held at the Dragoon Barracks stationed in Holstebro, the Commander of the Jutland Dragoon Regiment, Colonel Anders Poulsen, emphasised the importance of suitability of modern battlefield conditions. Colonel Poulsen; drew attention to the firepower, mobility and survivability to today's conditions.

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