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June 10, 2018
OTOKAR Press Release
June 12, 2018
Europe’s New Trials with Fascism…

Against the backdrop of economic mismanagement and rampant corruption, the Italian voter seems to have found the solution in extreme rightist and populist parties.

Today, Italy suffers from a debt of 2.3 trillion Euros, threatening the whole European Union (EU) geography and the European financial system, while impoverishing the Italian people with each passing day.

The Italian public thus brought to power the two parties, which have rose to prominence with their discriminating attitude towards the Muslim refugees!

The reality that the country is living through stems from bad economic management, corruption and bribery reaching extreme dimensions, as well as the terrible EU-based economic policies enforced by the EU technocrats in Brussels. As for the Italian voters, they seem to have found the solution in relying on extreme rightist-fascist and populist parties.

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