Russia Develops Radar to Detect Hypersonic Targets
July 4, 2020
UCAV Fleet Expands
July 6, 2020
Electronic Warfare MRAP

Land vehicle-based electronic warfare (EW) systems offer appropriate solutions for missions such as providing convoy security and tactical field security, signal intelligence and information gathering.

The Netherlands, which has different EW equipment in its inventory, received delivery of the Bushmaster 4×4 MRAP (Mine Resistant Armor Protected) based electronic warfare system. According to the statement made by the defence ministry of the country, the first platform will enter service in the 102nd Electronic Warfare Company.

Integrated on the personnel carrier model of Bushmaster 4×4, the system will be able to detect and track communications traffic and electronic activities on the battlefield. In this way, personnel will be able to perform electronic intelligence collecting tasks under armour protection in the front lines. Bushmaster MRAP, produced by Thales, has a monocoque hull structure. The hull, which made of welded steel, provides protection against small arms ammunition and splinters. Designed in V form for the vehicle to dissipate the blast effect of the explosion, the belly structure is resistant to explosives, with a 9.5 kilogram TNT equivalent that detonating under the vehicle.

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