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April 13, 2017
Altay waits decision
April 15, 2017
Electromagnetic Surprise by ASELSAN

ASELSAN has been carrying out an R&D Project on development of Electromagnetic Launcher (EML) successfully since 2014 so as to gain electromagnetic launch system technology. In the light of these studies, the first results of developed prototype of Electromagnetic Gun System (known as Railgun) has just been received. ASELSAN proved its experience and claim in this area with first live firing tests that were conducted successfully between 26th and 29th of December 2016. ASELSAN keeps working on this area without slowing down and will demonstrate its first EML prototype in IDEF 2017.

Thanks to its higher muzzle energy and 2000-2500 m/s projectile speed, thus effective range greater than 300 km, Electromagnetic Gun System is also evaluated to be an air defense system that is highly effective against modern air threats. Electromagnetic Gun System which brings significant technological advantages to battlefield, also ensures Multi-Mission Capability by means of developments in smart ammunition technologies. In other words, a single Electromagnetic Gun System can be used in different roles and areas.

General Specifications of Electromagnetic Launcher

  1. Long – range weapon technology with high-power electromagnetic energy
  2. Low cost mission effectiveness against current threats
    1. Lower unit cost
    2. Lower handling cost
  3. Multi-Mission Capability
    1. Naval Surface Fire Support
    2. Surface Warfare
    3. Air Defense
    4. Aircraft or Satellite Launcher
  4. High Platform Reliability ( no chemical explosives)

Within Electromagnetic Launcher domain, ASELSAN has been working with the aim of gaining critical technologies step by step; becoming the leader of Electromagnetic Launch Technology and putting such technologies into practice. In the near future, ASELSAN aims at becoming one of the leading producer of Electromagnetic Launchers with products that will be developed by ASELSAN itself.

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