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January 6, 2023
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January 6, 2023
Egypt to Buy Chinook

Australia was among the Chinook’s first international customers and now there are almost twenty countries operating the helicopter. The Australian Chinook fleet is flown by the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment, 16th Aviation Brigade. Under the scope of the contract, Boeing Defence Australia will provide delivery and on-site operational maintenance support to the seven CH-47F aircraft. CH-47F contains a fully integrated, digital cockpit management system, Common Aviation Architecture Cockpit and advanced cargo handling capability. Boeing photo

The US Army has signed a contract with Boeing to manufacture 12 new CH-47F Chinooks for the Egyptian Air Force. Last May, the United States approved a sales package to Egypt of $2.6 billion worth of 23 CH-47Fs and support equipment. The new contract is worth $426 million. Egypt will benefit from enhanced multitasking capabilities by replacing its CH-47D fleet with the modern F model.

An advanced multi-mission helicopter for the US Army and international defence forces, the CH-47F incorporates a fully integrated, digital cockpit management system, Joint Avionics Architecture System cockpit and advanced features that complement the aircraft’s mission performance and handling characteristics.

Ken Eland, Boeing Vice President and H-47 Program Manager, said: “The F-model aircraft will enhance Egypt’s Chinook capabilities and help Egypt achieve its heavy lift goals effectively. As we continue to work together to modernize their fleet, Boeing’s partnership with the Egyptian Air Force remains strong.”

“Boeing is committed to supporting the defence modernization mission of the Egyptian Armed Forces and providing the best capability for Egypt’s national defence and security” said Vince Logsdon, Boeing Vice President of International Business Development.

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