Trials of Armoured Mortar Vehicle Begins
July 11, 2020
“3,720 Nuclear Warheads Operational in the World”
July 13, 2020
Egypt Failed to Launch Sub-Harpoon

Submarine-launched anti-ship missiles are an important power factor in terms of engagement to surface platforms without exposing the position from a long-range.

Egypt conducted a failed attempt to launch anti-ship missile from a submarine during a drill. In the incident, the missile that was launched from a Type 033 (NATO Reporting Name: Romeo) class and stated to be UGM-84 Harpoon, was destroyed by being unable to surface. There is no detailed information as to whether the platform is damaged or not.

Egypt, modernized China-based Soviet school Romeo-class submarines with US-based Lockheed Martin. UGM-84 Subharpoon and NT37 wire-guided torpedoes were integrated into the platforms, where modernization studies were completed more than 20 years ago.

Type 033 submarines developed from the Project 633 class diesel-electric drive submersibles. Platforms with a full displacement of 1,830 tons and a length of 76.6 meters are driven by two Type 37-D diesel main engines and double shafts driven by a 2×2700 BG electric motor. The maximum operational range of Type 033s 9,000 nautical miles.

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