The Deadline for the T-90S is set at 2028
February 4, 2020
Lightning Protection for TF-X
February 6, 2020
Dream Come True for 5th Generation with Remote Flight of Growler

Concept of teamed manned and unmanned aerial vehicles is one step closer. Within the scope of a series of tests carried out in 2019, two unmanned platforms' control and management were made by another aircraft.

Two EA-18G Growler electronic warfare and SEAD (Surpression of Enemy Air Defence) platforms were controlled through a third EA-18G as part of the activities carried out in cooperation with the US Navy and Boeing. Four flight trials carried out in the program, which started in September 2019. 21 different missions were performed during flights. Human being is one step closer to the accompanying unmanned aerial systems to manned aircraft with trial flights, which constitute an important stage within the scope of the loyal autonomous wingman concept.

“This demonstration allows Boeing and the Navy the opportunity to analyse the data collected and decide where to make investments in future technologies. It could provide synergy with other US Navy unmanned systems in development across the spectrum and in other services.” said Tom Brandt, responsible for the Boeing Manned-Unmanned Teaming Demonstration Program.

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