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September 28, 2020
Space Study from Turkey
September 30, 2020
Demir: Joint Development of Target SAMP / T, Our Door Is Not Closed

President of Defence Industries Professor İsmail Demir attended to a press conference at ROKETSAN's Lalahan facilities. There are some allegations on the foreign press about Turkey to acquire from France SAMP / T system. C4Defence asked the details of these allegations to President Demir. Demir gave the following answer to these allegations;

There are no new developments regarding SAMP / T. It is always seen as a new development, but there is no improvement at the point we look at. We signed a triple definition study with SAMP / T. These three countries, Italy, France, Turkey met. They will determine the requirements of three countries for an air defence system and build a roadmap towards a common product. This planning work has been done. During the signing phase, I was trampled, but it was exceeded. If a full study is to be done, it is the next step. We are waiting for this stage. On the other hand, came up from time to time a SAMP / T unit to come to Turkey if the subject can be said if the other party responds to the conditions we anticipate. It is an issue currently being discussed, but there is no concrete step there. We said this persistently. There is no such thing as a direct purchase of a SAMP-T battery. This is a chain joint production, joint development … We have a roadmap consisting of 4-5 stages, the one we talked about 5 years ago. As long as this roadmap is adhered to, other procurement issues may arise. We have not closed the door, if our goal is to stick to the road map, developments will continue.

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