North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles
December 20, 2022
Original Engine Family Introduced
December 20, 2022
Cyber ​​Defense Index Announced

The Cyber ​​Defense Index 2022-2023, in which the world’s major economies are ranked according to their collective cyber security assets, corporate capabilities and policy stances, was determined.

The Cyber ​​Defense Index measures the extent to which economies are adopting technology practices that increase resilience to cyberattacks, and how well governments and policy frameworks are promoting secure digital transactions.

While the overall ranking shows the performance of the economies surveyed against each other, the scores are collected in four columns.  These pillars are critical infrastructure, cybersecurity resources, institutional capacity and policy commitment.

While Australia, the Netherlands and South Korea made the first three places on the list, Türkiye took the 19th place.

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