US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers
January 7, 2020
Modernised M80AB1 Unveiled
January 9, 2020
CV90 is More Lethal with Spike

CV90’s firepower which more than 1200 platforms in use in different countries, has increased. BAE Systems made a statement about the development studies to increase the firepower of vehicles to a longer range.

Standing out with its survivability, firepower and high mobility, the CV90 met long-range precision strike capability. BAE Systems made statements about the integration of Spike missiles into the platform. The company said a Spike LR missile was launched in the northern part of Sweden last month. Despite harsh environmental conditions, such as low temperature and visibility, the missile has been reported to hit its target more than 2,000 meters away. This was the first-ever anti-tank missile launch from the CV90 platform. Integration studies also continue.

The Spike missile family developed by Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is being used actively in 33 countries. Different variants of missiles are integrated into 45 different platforms. The LR model of the family has 4,000 metres range. This guided munition weighs 13 kilograms and has another variant called LR2, which can reach 5.5 kilometres. Equipped with a smart fuse and HEAT warhead, the missile weighs 13 kilograms. Dual-sensor electrooptic guidance system allows the system for precision strike.

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