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December 7, 2022
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December 7, 2022
Collaboration for Hawk from BAE Systems and Red 6

BAE Systems and Red 6 will collaborate to explore the integration of Advanced Tactical Augmented Reality Systems (ATARS) into the Hawk jet trainer. The two companies announced the development at I/ITSEC 2022, held November 28 – December 2 in Orlando, Florida.

BAE Systems signed a memorandum of understanding with Red 6, which has important technologies in the field of augmented reality technology. The collaboration will explore ways to combine BAE Systems’ experience in training military forces and its expertise in helmet-mounted displays with Red 6’s ATARS technology.

Lucy Walton, Training Manager, BAE Systems Air said: ‘’ The modern battlefield is becoming increasingly complex and contentious, and integrating technology like the Red 6’s augmented reality with Hawk aircraft is key as we prepare pilots for life in the fast jet cockpit for decades to come. Armed forces around the world rely on us to train more than 450 pilots a year, and it’s critical that we have the right technologies and partnerships to keep them one step ahead. We’re really excited to combine the unique insight we’ve gained working with air forces around the world with the truly ground-breaking capabilities of Red 6.’’

Red 6 Founder and CEO Daniel Robinson said: ‘’ Preparedness and lethality are critical for our warplanes to be victorious against their close rivals. I am excited that BAE Systems recognizes the radical innovation ATARS is bringing to bring much needed change in military flight training and that together we can help bring about this transformational change.’’

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