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B-21 Raider Revealed

The highly anticipated B-21 Raider has finally been released to the public. Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force unveiled the B-21 Raider last Friday. Designed for demanding missions, the B-21 Raider is expected to play a key role in the US Air Force.

The B-21 Raider was designed to perform important tasks in US air defence. It has a powerful system that offers new capability through the integration of data, sensors and weapons. Sixth generation capabilities include privacy, information advantage and open architecture.

Kathy Warden, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Northrop Grumman, said: “The Northrop Grumman team develops and delivers technologies that advance science, look to the future, bring it here and now. The B-21 Raider defines a new era in technology and strengthens America’s role in peacekeeping through deterrence.’’

US Defence Minister Llyod J. Austin III. said: ‘’ The B-21 Raider is proof of America’s enduring advantages in creativity and innovation and proof of this ministry’s long-term commitment to building advanced capabilities that will strengthen America’s ability to deter aggression today and in the future. Strengthening and maintaining US deterrence is at the heart of our National Defence Strategy. This bomber was built on a strong bipartisan foundation of support in Congress. And with that support, we’ll soon be flying this aircraft, testing it, and then going into production.’’

Supported by a digital ecosystem throughout its lifecycle, the B-21 Raider is designed to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and provide new capabilities. The B-21 Raider is presented as a system capable of networking multiple systems and all areas on the battlefield.

Tom Jones, Corporate Vice President and President, Northrop Grumman Aeronautics Systems, said: “With the B-21, the US Air Force can deter or defeat threats anywhere in the world. The B-21 demonstrates how Northrop Grumman leads the industry in digital transformation and digital engineering and ultimately helps our customers. It exemplifies how it delivers more value.”

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