Japan sees cost for Aegis Ashore doubling initial quote
July 25, 2018
Billion Dollar Penalty for Boeing
July 27, 2018
Chinook is More Efficient

Boeing has developed a new rotor blades for Chinook Block 2. With the help of advanced manufacturing technologies and material technology, new composite rotor blades of Chinook Block 2  to provide an additional lifting capacity of 680 kilograms.

According to Chuck Dabundo's statement who is Boeing Cargo Helicopters and H-47 Program Manager, Block 2 blades consists of a combination of three separate airfoils, rather than a single airfoil, as opposed to Block 1 blades. The performance of the blades called ACRB (Advanced Chinook Rotor Blade) is further enhanced by the new curved rotor tip. A more aerodynamic design gives the rotors a higher lift, while the design provides less drag force. This development will also increase the fuel efficiency of the helicopter.

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