Railgun Step at Far-East
August 6, 2018
Indigenious Encrypted Radio for Security General Directorate
August 8, 2018
Chinese Aircraft Aims Taiwan

China, conducted a combat readiness training with J-16 aircraft. Different battle scenarios were implemented in the training along with the Su-30, J-10 and J-11B aircrafts. With this training, the J-16 arcraft have gone a step further to complete the combat readiness training.

The J-16, one of China's most recently developed aircraft, was developed on J-11. The plane was introduced for the first time around 2012-2013, but officially seen during military parade which has held at 90th anniversary of People's Liberation Army of China. Platform has enhanced avionics, increased payload and range. Tgether with the new avionics, a fire control computer with enhanced Air-to-Ground capability also integrated. the J-16 has been integrated with a fire control computer that offers better air-ground performance. Twin seater aircraft also has 8,000 kilogram ammunition capacity, high operational range. In addition to all this, the platform which also offers a significant electronic warfare capability, powered by two WS-10A turbofan engines. The J-16, which can also fire 30 mm guns, anti-radiation missiles and anti-ship missiles and can also use unguided ammunition.

The platform is being developed for a possible Taiwan operation, amongst others spoken in defence lobbies. Moreover, the fact that the combat readiness training was carried out with the aircraft belonging to China's 3rd Aviation Division brought the rumor that the Su-30s, which were stationed here, would be replaced with J-16s. This division's area of operations is East China Sea and Taiwan Area.

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