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September 15, 2020
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September 17, 2020
Cezeri at Maiden Flight

The flying car CEZERI, developed by BAYKAR firm nationally and originally, completed its first flight tests. The pre-prototype of 230 kg, designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers, rose 10 meters from the ground in-flight tests.


Flight tests of the CEZERİ Flying Car started on Friday, September 11, 2020. In the first tests, CEZERİ  took off with the safety ropes and took off without a rope upon the successful progress of the night safety ropes connecting September 14, 2020, to September 15, 2020. With a fully autonomous flight and an intelligent flight system, CEZERİ Flying Car completed two different flights on the same night.


In the second test flight held without safety ropes at the Baykar National SİHA R&D and Production Centre on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, the CEZERİ Flying Car rose 10 meters from the ground. Taking its name from the founder of the science of cybernetics and robotics and the chief engineer of the Artuklu Palace, the Cizre Muslim scientist Al Cezeri, Flying Car, thus realized its first flight within 1.5 years after the studies that started with conceptual design.


Making a statement after the flight test, BAYKAR Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar said: “The CEZERİ Flying Car, which we started about 1.5 years ago by dreaming and drawing, turned into reality by making its first flight. We will make more advanced prototypes in the coming period. We will perform manned flights. However, it will take an estimated 10-15 years for the CEZERI Flying Car to land on the roads. We can probably witness recreational use in rural areas such as ATVs for 3-4 years. “


CEZERİ Flying Car was first introduced to large masses at the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival held at Atatürk Airport on 17-22 September 2019. Expected to make a radical change in urban air transportation in the future, the CEZERİ Flying Car was designed to take an active role in passenger and cargo transportation. Besides, studies are underway to be used for logistic support in the health sector and military fields.


Designed to be flown with minimum technical and aviation knowledge and high-level security, CEZERİ Flying Car is powered by rechargeable batteries with 8 electric motors and propellers and flies with 100% electricity. Having a three redundant intelligent flight system, CEZERİ will be equipped with artificial intelligence systems in the future. It is aimed for the CEZERİ Flying Car to reach a cruising speed of 100 km / h in the future, to reach a flight altitude of 2000 meters and to reach a range of 70-80 km by staying in the air for 1 hour in parallel with the development of battery technology.

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