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November 15, 2022
NATO Summit to be Held in Lithuania in 2023
November 15, 2022
Canada Orders 39 ACSVs From General Dynamics

The Canadian Army has ordered 39 Armoured Combat Support Vehicle (ACSV) for $165 million from General Dynamics to replace equipment it donated to Ukraine earlier this year, according to a Canadian Ministry of Defence spokesman. In addition, Canada plans to purchase new generation Carl Gustaf anti-tank systems to replace the old weapons sent to Ukraine.

According to DefenseNews, Ministry of Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said that a new $165 million contract was signed between Canada and General Dynamics for 39 ACSVs. The funding will be covered by the government’s $500 million (US$371 million) earmarked to support the purchase of military equipment to Ukraine.

The acquisition follows a promise by the Liberal Party of Canada government to restock military equipment shipped to Ukraine this year. In July, Canada announced that it was diverting 39 new production ACSVs originally ordered for the Canadian Army to Ukraine.

Canada sent ammunition, anti-tank shells, grenades, M72 rocket launchers and light weapons from its own stockpiles throughout the war to Ukraine, which was fighting against the Russian occupation of the European country. It also provided four M777 howitzers and 100 old-generation Carl Gustaf M2 anti-tank support.

Ministry spokeswoman Jessica Lamirande said Canada will replace small arms ammunition, grenades and M72s, but details are still being worked out. “Considering that the Carl Gustav M2 model is no longer available, we will instead look to develop a procurement solution for the M4 model” Lamirande said.

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