ElektroLand Defence Continues to Export
August 8, 2020
Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle
August 10, 2020
Boxer to Deploy Bridge

Superior armour protection and mobility are not sufficient features for today's vehicles. In addition, users demand the modular structure of the platforms and the ability to quickly adapt to the desired tasks.

Thanks to its modular structure, Boxer 8×8, which can switch between different configurations with the change of mission module, now plays the role of a bridge. German defence manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann announced that a bridge module was developed for platforms as part of a project carried out with its own resources. Thus, the platforms have gained the ability to launch Leguan 14 m or Leguan compatible 22 metres class bridges.

483 Leguan bridges were built, which are currently in active use on 244 tracked, 45-wheeled and seven floating elements. Bridges integrated into the Leopard 1 chassis in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces stand out with very low launch and recovery times compared to their mechanical counterparts. The Leguan mission module, which is stated to have a similar structure with the existing Boxer mission components, has the same ballistic protection level as the standard armoured personnel carrier model. The hydraulically detachable bridge, like other Leguan systems, has the features of being launched and recovered from both ends.

Boxer Leguan, which can launch a 14-meter bridge in one piece in the day and night conditions, offers the opportunity to pass through wet and dry openings to vehicles that are compatible with Military Load Class 80 and 100 (MLC 80, MLC 100 / Military Load Class). The platform, in its 22-meter configuration, enables the passage of 50-ton platforms. The mission module located at the rear, so Boxer moves backwards to launch position and allows armoured vehicles to pass within a few minutes.

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