Korkut Training Simulator Developed
August 9, 2020
Light Reconnaissance Aircraft Delivery
August 11, 2020
Bahrain Buys Patrol Ship from UK

The Bahrain II has purchased a River-class patrol ship from the United Kingdom. The ship bought by Bahrain is called BNS Al-Zubarah. The platform was delivered to the Bahraini Navy at a ceremony in Portsmouth on August 7, 2020.

BNS Al-Zubarah was in charge of the Royal Navy under the name HMS Clyde (P 257). HMS Clyde, which was modified for use in the South Atlantic, was commissioned in 2007.

With a displacement weight of approximately 2 thousand tons, the length of the patrol ship is 82 meters. The platform also features a runway compatible with the AW101 Merlin helicopter.

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