299th Day of the Ukraine-Russia War 19 December 2022
December 20, 2022
Sweden, Germany and England Agree with BAE Systems
December 21, 2022
BORAN is in TAF Inventory

Developed by Machinery and Chemical Industry Inc. (MCI) BORAN, the 105 mm air-transportable light towed howitzer, has taken its place in the TAF inventory in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

BORAN, which was developed by MCI engineers to support the TAF in the operations carried out, successfully completed 24 successful tests and became ready for use. BORAN, with a weight of 1780 kilograms, has the feature of being ready to shoot in 1 minute by being transported by air and land to the desired land in a short time.

BORAN, the concept of which is available in a limited number of countries, offers a Fire Control System and 360-degree shooting capability day and night. In addition, BORAN, capable of operating in -32 and +44 degrees weather conditions and capable of firing 6 shots per minute with a range of 17 kilometres, took its place in the TAF inventory to fulfil key tasks.

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