Ukrainian Army Receives Repaired and Maintained BMP-2s
August 12, 2021
Raytheon Completes Trials of SPY-6V3 Air Defense Radar
August 15, 2021
Belarus Looking for S-400s

Belarus wants to buy the S-400 Air and Missile Defense System on loan from Russia.

The request was voiced by the President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko.

Speaking at the press conference held last week, Lukashenko stated that the S-400 issue came up during his meeting with Russian President Putin.

President Lukasheko stated that they want to use the remaining amount of the loan they received for the construction of the nuclear power plant to buy some military equipment, including the S-400 system.

Belarus currently uses the S-300 and 9K37 Buk air defense systems.

There are companies and factories in the country that manufacture and repair the sub-systems of these systems.

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