Air to Air Refueiling from MQ-25 to F-35C
September 15, 2021
Long Range Strike Capability For Australia
September 21, 2021
Australia Prefers USA over France

Australia is leaving the Attack class submarine program, which was carried out in cooperation with France, and starting a new program with the USA.

Australia started working with the French company Naval Group in 2007 to replace the Collins class submarines in the Australian inventory.

The country recently announced that they are leaving the project.

After this, a tripartite security agreement called AUKUS was established between Australia, the USA and the UK.

Within the scope of this agreement, the submarine needs of the Australian Navy will also be met.

Under the agreement, at least eight nuclear submarines will be built for Australia.

Necessary needs will be determined for Australia to use nuclear submarines over the next 18 months.

In line with these needs, necessary studies will be initiated to fix the issues such as security, design, construction, operation, maintenance, training, infrastructure and workforce.

The French Ministry of Defense reacted to the unilateral decision to leave.

The Ministry of Defense stated that this decision is contrary to the spirit of cooperation between the two countries and that the choice of America in the Indo-Pacific region will only result in the loss of a European ally such as France.

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