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April 25, 2017
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April 27, 2017
ASELSAN’s UAV Defence System Will Be In IDEF

ASELSAN is to exhibit its Mini/Micro UAV Air Defense System, İHTAR, during IDEF'2017, announced by the company. Micro and Mini UAV’s also known as drones, has a great enhancement during the last years.   The immense technology advancement in the drones arena leads to vast number of different commercial products with advanced features. Unfortunately, these commercial products are also accessible by the illegal parties and usage of these products creates great danger in “Air Fields”. To encounter these threats, ASELSAN has developed IHTAR Mini/Micro UAV Air Defense System which is designed to work in harsh conditions.
IHTAR Mini/Micro UAV Air Defense System is an air defense system which is developed for defending air fields of public and commercial areas against micro and mini UAV’s illegal activities.

ASELSAN’s IHTAR system consists of; 
•    Radar and Electro-Optical sensor which are used for detection and tracking the threats, 
•    RF Countermeasure  used for interception the threats 
•    Command and Control system which integrates  all these subsystems  
Detection and tracking of the threats are provided by ACAR-İHA radar. ACAR-İHA radar is designed and produced by ASELSAN. Radar can provide detection and tracking of more than one threat. 
Prevention and neutralization of these threats are provided by GERGEDAN RF Countermeasure System. RF Countermeasure system creates protection against remote or GPS controlled UAV’s by jamming the communications between controller and UAV. In RF Countermeasure system there is directional and Omni-directional antenna solutions.   
Tracking and classification is provided by an Electro-Optical suit. 
All systems mentioned above is controlled by a Command & Control system. This Command & Control system contains a special software and decision support (Sensor Fusion, threat evaluation, weapons allocation etc.) algorithms which provide automatic tracking and classification of threats and automatic selection of appropriate RF Countermeasure system. Command & Control system is designed to satisfy user needs mercurially.    
İHTAR system also consists Aselsan designed “High Accuracy Stabilized Gimbal” system, which provides guidance of Radar, RF countermeasure and Electro-optical systems. While IHTAR system countering individual threats with directional jamming antennas, also has a capability of providing protection against swarm attacks with Omni-directional antennas.
IHTAR system has flexible architecture which is easy to integrate additional radars, electro-optics and different type of effectors. Also system can be operated in mobile configuration.

Currently, IHTAR system is in use for protecting critical facilities. Moreover, studies according to protection of national and international critical facilities are in progress.   



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