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April 19, 2017
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April 21, 2017
ASELSAN’s Anti-Tank Missile Launching System at IDEF

ASELSAN will exhibit its Anti-Tank Missile Launching System at IDEF 2017 in OTOKAR stand, integrated onto the vehicle produced by OTOKAR. The system that ASELSAN started to develop in 2014 is a fully automated, remotely controlled and stabilized Weapon Platform carrying 4 Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (HELLFIRE, JAVELIN, KORNET-E, OMTAS etc.). The Weapon Platform can be customized in order to carry the amount of missiles required by the customer. Alongside with 4 Anti-Tank Guided missiles, the system can be configured to carry 25mm automatic cannon, 12.7 or 7.62 mm machine gun for self-protection.

The ASELSAN Anti-Tank Missile Launching system, which provides high effectivity against ground targets in day/night and adverse weather conditions, is suitable for integration with a variety of existing or new armoured high mobility fighting vehicles, considerably upgrading their lethality. It allows the system to be operated from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision to protect the gunner and/or commander from being exposed.

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