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June 26, 2018
Japan Moves to Truck Mounted Howitzer
June 28, 2018
ASELSAN to Produce RCWS in Konya

C4Defence reached the details of factory to be established in Konya in the partnership of ASELSAN and Konya Defence Industry Corporation. ASELSAN will establish “ASELSAN Weapon Systems Facility” in the region. ASELSAN's Remote Controlledd Weapon Systems (RCWS) will be produced, with a capital of approximately TL 300 million, a machine and equipment of TL 60 million, and a construction investment of TL 85 million. The names of ASELSAN's systems produced by UKSS are as follows; For marine systems; STAMP, STAMP-2, STAMP-G, STAMP-L, 25 mm STOP, 30 mm SMASH, Sarp, Sarp-L, Sarp-NSV, Sarp-Dual, Sarp-antitank, Nefer. There is more use of UKSS than ASELSAN. The production of UKSS at ASELSAN's Macunköy facilities will be finalized when the production in Konya is completed.

According to the information obtained, three from ASELSAN, three from Konya Savunma Sanayii A.Ş. There will be two people from the company.

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