August 30, 2020
Motor Sich for another round
September 1, 2020
Anti-Ship Missile Approved

Land based anti-ship systems replaced coastal artillery in coastal defence; which provides to armies important opportunities such as flexible usage, mobility and surprise attack. In this way, countries can meet their homeland security requirements by engaging hostile elements from any point of the coastline from long range.

The Neptune anti-ship missile, which Ukraine has been working on for a while, has come to a happy end. Defence Minister Andriy Taran announced that the first adoption of the RK-360MC Neptune coastal defense missile system was completed on 23 August. Neptune, which is a missile complex, has been subjected to extensive tests for some time.

The RK-360MC, armed with the R-360 anti-ship missile, is a land-based complex. Neptune, which can operate independently or jointly with other elements, can engage with landing units as well as major surface combatants. The missiles, which are in 600 mm diameter and capable of destroying warships 5,000 tons transported by four launchers on the KrAZ-7634NE 8×8 truck driven by a 460 HP engine . The missile can reach a 300 km range and propelled by Motor Sich's MS-400 turbojet engine.

RK-360MC battery capable of operating day or night in all weather conditions consists, six USPU-360 launchers, TZM-360 ammunition loading vehicle, TM-360 transport truck and field command system. In this configuration, 24 missiles are transported in ready to fire condition, while 48 are transported to the launch area with other carrier elements.

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