New Client to Quantum3D’s 3D Model Library
December 19, 2022
AKINCI TİHA Fired Supersonic Missile
December 20, 2022
AESA Will Be Integrated into AKINCI

ASELSAN General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün made statements on radar systems on a digital platform he participated in.

Görgün made the following statements regarding the radars they produced and delivered: “Until now, we have produced 35 different radars. Currently, 29 different radars are under development, that is, radars that will be delivered as of next year.  We have 12 different new concept radars, such as quantum radar.”

At the same time, Görgün also heralded that the Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), which they are currently working on, will be delivered within 1 month to be integrated into Baykar production AKINCI.

Görgün said: “We are very excited about the production of AESA radars for air platforms because we will soon be delivering our first product for AKINCI. Integration activities will begin at AKINCI. After being integrated into AKINCI, there will be tests and integration activities will continue. We make AESA radar not only for the raider, but also for our F-16 aircraft. We are also developing our AESA technology-based radar for our National Combat Aircraft. These are the topics that excite us.’’

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