Hürkuş Was In”Dog fight” Test
June 22, 2020
New Assignment for ElectraIC Management
June 24, 2020
ACV-15s Return to Home

Nail Kurt, FNSS General Manager and CEO, met with the leading names of the defence media in a live stream. Kurt answered questions about the ZMA-15 modernization.

Stating that there are emotional connections between FNSS and ZMAs, Kurt stated that the platforms had electricity-infrastructure of 30 years ago. It was also underlined that the ballistic protection level of the vehicles, mobility and electrical infrastructure will be improved and thus, they will gain a lifetime again. Stating that even if there are new generation vehicle studies, the development process of these will take a long time, he emphasized that ACVs that do not have an alternative yet will work for 15-20 years and reach their ability to do business with modernization concepts.

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