March 28, 2017
‘Seagull’ Ready For Mission
March 30, 2017
A Fresh Chapter in Qatar

The scope of bilateral relations dating back to 1985 has been expanding. However, for a win-win case, a realistic analysis of requirements and expectations, as well as proper division of labour are necessary. 

With an indigenous population of only 600,000 out of roughly two million, the energy-rich Qatar is surrounded by overly strong neighbours. This Gulf country is known for its multidimensional foreign policy aimed at extending its room for manoeuvre through alliances with various defence partners. On the one hand, this key US ally hosts the USCENTCOM as well as air forces units of the United States and the United Kingdom at the El Udeid Air Base. Although most military equipment is French in origin, the leverage of the United States in terms of new arms purchases is ever-increasing. In its close vicinity, Saudi Arabia is a major actor especially in terms of domestic security. Nevertheless, Doha is not always in favour of Riyadh having the upper hand in regional affairs, and thus often embraces the role of a balancer. 

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