Hong Kong and Estonia’s New Hovercraft

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January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

British company Griffon Hoverwork has delivered new 995ED hovercraft to Hong Kong and Estonia. The firm delivered two eight-metre-long 995ED for the Hong Kong Marine Police. Hong Kong is planned to use the vehicle against illegal trade and fishing. Estonia, on the other hand, purchased one from the platform, which the Border Guard will use for border protection operations on land and ice.  Griffon Hoverwork said aluminium was used in its design to make the platform more robust on the harder surface, such as beach, flood or ice.

The unit cost of the vehicle, which has a staff capacity of eight people, is 650 thousand Pounds. The maximum speed of the platform is 30 knots and the load capacity is 995 kilograms.

The platform can be operationalized in coast guard, border patrol and surveillance, infrastructure security.

A total of seven hovercraft were produced and sold behind the introduction of 995ED at the ExpoNaval exhibition in Chile in 2018.

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