Domestic Production Device from ASELSAN for Air Defence
August 4, 2020
More Powerful Armoured Vehicles to Paratroopers
August 6, 2020
40 mm Grenade Launcher Dimension of UAVs

Advances in microelectronics technology are also minimizes unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

SpearUAV, a company operating in Israel, introduced its new unmanned aerial vehicle system. The system, which is also called “Capsule UAV” or “Ninox”, is thrown to the desired area with a capsule fired from 40 mm grenade launchers. In this way, Ninox, which provides the user with tactical field information within seconds, increases the situational awareness of the troops. Developed specifically for ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) tasks, UAV stands out with a weight ofless than 250 grams.

The hardware, which can be launched with any 40 mm grenade launcher, can self-destruct when necessary. Thanks to its low weight, Ninox can be carried in the rifle grenade pouch of any staff without the requirement for additional modifications. Thanks to its structure suitable for launching from the air or surface, the system offers the user wide flexibility and tactical advantage. Ninox has up to 40 minutes endurance.

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