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January 9, 2020
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January 12, 2020
$ 1worth laser sword for Israeli air defence

Israel Defence Ministry announced that they had developed a new laser system missile. According to the statement of the Ministry, a recent technological development made this system possible.

The futuristic defence system is still under development and will be tested throughout the year and will not be operational in the short term.

Just like the Iron Dome, the development of a laser defence system to complement it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but the latter will ultimately be very cost-effective, as each use will be very cheap.

Israeli Defence Ministry Arms Development and Technology Infrastructure Administration (MAFAT), who presides Brigadier Yaniv Rotem, Iron Dome, each hunter missile-firing cost thousands of dollars, whereas the laser firing will hold an average of $ 1, he said.

According to the Ministry’s statement, MAFAT, Elbit and Rafael will work together to develop three versions of this laser system:

One will be a system connected to the static land and deployed to the borders of Israel to protect the surrounding settlements.

According to the statement, there is no other country involved in the development of this laser system.

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