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August 7, 2020
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August 9, 2020
130 mm Tank Main Gun

The main battle tanks are one of the most important parts of the modern battlefield so they incorporates elements such as mobility, survivability and firepower.

Rheinmetall, one of the leading defence companies in Germany, introduced the new tank gun with a video that it published. The 130mm smoothbore gun was shown on a Challenger 2 main battle tank. It is stated that the platform, which is equipped with a state of the art automatic loading system, has the most advanced main battle tank technologies.

Barrel developed for the new generation main battle tanks is in 130 mm / 51 calibre. The development of new generation ammunition for the gun, whose length is 6.63 meters, continues. It is stated that the gun is compatible with all Leopard 2 main battle tanks and can be integrated into MGCS (Main Ground Combat System) project of Europe. The weapon is also expected to be proposed for the NGCV Program run by the US.

The system, developed within the scope of the 130 mm cannon program launched in 2015, was shown for the first time in Eurosatory 2016. Continuing to work on an APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot) ammunition, the system has also been evaluated for the Challenger 2 modernization program.

The new cannon, which was seen to be integrated into a larger turret than the one currently in use, observed that have a very high recoil force. In the video with shots on different targets, the new APFSDS also showed its penetration capability.

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