Biden says US, UK struck Huthis in ‘defensive action’
Ocak 12, 2024
Biden says US, UK struck Yemen’s Huthis in ‘defensive action’
Ocak 12, 2024
Heavy air strikes hit Yemeni cities: Huthis, AFP correspondents

Heavy air strikes pounded airports and military facilities in Yemen early on Friday, the Huthi rebels’ official media and AFP correspondents said. Sites around the capital Sanaa, Hodeida and Saada were all targeted, the Huthis’ official media said, blaming “American aggression with British participation”. AFP correspondents reported hearing big strikes in Hodeida and Sanaa. Missiles targeted an airbase near Sanaa, airports in Taez, Hodeida and Abs, and a military camp near Saada, the rebels’ Al-Masirah TV station said. “Our country was subjected to a massive aggressive attack by American and British ships, submarines, and warplanes,” the Huthis’ Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi said, according to rebel media. “America and Britain will have to prepare to pay a heavy price and bear all the dire consequences of this blatant aggression,” he was quoted as saying.

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