Israeli air strikes kill eight Syria troops: state media
Ekim 25, 2023
Hamas government says at least 80 killed in Israel night strikes on Gaza
Ekim 25, 2023
Russian defence minister visits Ukraine military zone

Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigou visited Ukraine to inspect a command post and meet senior officers, the army announced in a statement Wednesday. He visited the “Vostok” command post in eastern Ukraine and to hear a report on the situation on the front line, on the training of drone-operators and on preparations for fighting in winter conditions, it added. It posted a video showing him flying in by helicopter, but the statement did not say when Shoigu had made his visit. It comes as Russian troops have stepped up their attacks in recent weeks on the industrial city of Avdiivka, in eastern Ukraine. Shoigu’s last visit to the front dates back to early August.

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